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The Drum Drop & Go Service

We are happy to announce that from Monday 13th April we will be offering a delivery service- Simply call up between 9:00am - 3:00pm, and place your order!

Our delivery drivers will place your items in a designated area before leaving the premises to avoid breaking social distance protocols.

Please Click Here For More Information...

News From The Plant Team: April 2020

Carry on Gardening

01 April 2020 by Craig Forbes

Gardening is good for you and a great use of time if you are isolated at home. Spending time outside in the garden keeps us fit, reduces stress levels, improves mood and helps us deal with the challenges we face.
Create an oasis of calm with a comfortable seat, or a swing for children, in a peaceful spot in the garden to tempt you outdoors and provide a sanctuary in which to relax and escape the troubles of the world. Encourage children to take a break from social media and homework and to unwind and relax.
Encourage wildlife into your garden and connect with the natural world right outside your own door. Enjoy feeding and watching the birds. Children love bug hunting and building insect houses.