We are now fully stocked and there’s plenty to see.
• Topiary is proving to be very popular this year. It’s great for low maintenance gardens for those of us with little spare time.
• Rhododendrons are at their glorious best this month. Rhododendrons do really well here in Scotland with our cool climate, low light levels and acidic soils.
• This month our shelves will be filling up with a fabulous selection of summer bedding and patio plants. A word of caution though, ‘Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’. Here in the north-east we should curb our enthusiasm and wait until June 1st before finally planting out our summer bedding plants

Biological Plant Protection
We are very excited about our new range of Neudorff nematodes for controlling a range of pests including vine weevil, and leatherjackets and other lawn grubs. These nematodes are a type of biological control and are organic and environmentally friendly. They are safe for children, pets, bees and butterflies, and of course for plants too!

What are nematodes?
Nematodes are tiny creatures that are predatory on soil-borne pests. They search for the pest larvae in the soil, enter their bodies where they kill, feed and multiply.

Choose from:
• Vine weevil Free
• Lawn Grub Free (for Chafer Grubs and other white grubs)
• Leatherjacket Free

Please note that all three products also treat many other types of pest. Please refer to the information sheets at The Mains of Drum, ask a member of staff or go to http://www.neudorff.co.uk/products

Neudorff uses innovative technology
• Neudorff nematodes have been placed in a state called ‘cryptobiosis’ and packaged inside a soluble bio-pouch within a compostable globe, where they can remain alive for up to 6 months. No need to touch the nematodes or to keep them in the fridge!
• The nematodes can be watered on to the lawn or soil using a watering can, but better coverage can be achieved by using the Neudorff NemaSprayer. The sprayer is pre-calibrated and compatible with all major brands of hose fittings.

26th May – 3rd June 2018
Go to https://www.childrensgardeningweek.co.uk/ for more information.
Children love playing, growing and making things outdoors and National Children’s Gardening Week is a great reminder to encourage them to do this.
The many benefits of gardening include:
• It’s fun!
• Enjoying the fresh air and being outdoors
• Improving self-esteem and mood
• Learning new skills
• Eating what you’ve grown
• Getting closer to nature
The Mains of Drum will be promoting children’s gardening activities during this week and beyond.

• Bedding packs £3.49 each/4 for £12
• Veg Packs £3.49 each/4 for £12
• Starter herbaceous perennials 1L pot £3.49 each/4 for £12
• Starter shrubs 1L pot £4.49 each/3 for £12
• Pretty alpines 9cm pot £1.99 each/6 for £10 or 1L pot £3.99 each/3 for £10

Have an amazing May!
– Jane