Plant and Garden Care: September

The herbaceous borders can be tidied through and any plants that are getting a bit big for their boots can be divided and spread around or how about sharing with your friends.

Depending on the weather there will be some lovely juicy rasps to pick if they haven’t gone already.

Any potatoes that are left still in the ground would be better lifted before the slugs ruin them. Why not plant a container with new seed potatoes ready for harvesting for Christmas.

Spring flowering bulbs can be planted now and there are so many to choose from. Snowdrops are a firm favourite though and look good in any garden, whether in a border, a container or brightening a nice shady spot.

Give your greenhouse a good clean as you are starting to wind things down a bit and make space for anything that you might want to protect as the weather starts to get cooler.

If you are still hanging on to any summer bedding then now would be a good time to tidy it away and freshen up with some winter flowering pansies, violas, primula etc.

Remember and lift any corms and tubers that you will want to protect over winter time for enjoying again next year. Maybe try it for the first time with some of the begonias or dahlias that you have used for the summer.

You might also want to remember and collect any seed from your herbaceous plants, just think how many plants you could grow or share the seeds with friends.