Plant and Garden Care: October

October is a busy month for getting all the jobs done before Winter.

Plants at this time of year are winding down for the winter season. There are many herbaceous plants that you can lift and split to share round your garden or with friends. The ground will still be warm enough and moist for planting any new plants.

If there are any shrubs or trees that need moved then now would be the best time to have a change around.

Lawn care is coming to an end for the winter coming in. An Autumn feed is required if you haven’t done this already. Scarify and trim the lawn for the last time. Weedkillers will do next to nothing at this time so best to wait until Spring and see to the weeds then.

There is still time to re-organise your containers and baskets with some fresh bedding. In the Garden Centre there will be plenty to choose from, including Primula, Viola, Pansy etc.

Give the compost heap a turnover as you will be about to add more to it or even use it for a mulch before winter time. A good mulch will help to protect the roots of plants in the colder, frosty weather.