Plant and Garden Care: November

There is always less to do in the garden at this time of year but that’s not to say you still can’t keep yourself busy out there.

The greenhouse, if you are lucky enough to have one, could be lined with bubble wrap to help protect your plants from the cold. Cordylines are a good example, left outside the weather can be too cold and wet for them and they tend to die over the winter. Kept on the drier side and protected from the worst of the wet weather and low temperatures they can flourish from year to year.

Any leaves that are still blowing around should be collected, any water features should be emptied and protected, any pots that are not frost proof should be taken inside and hose pipes should be drained along with the pipes from your outdoor water tap. The less damage caused the better.

Larger pots or some stoneware that may suffer in harsh weather can be wrapped in hessian or bubble wrap to help protect them.

They seem to grow at any time of year…..weeds. Any that you have should still be removed.

Turn over any bare patches in the garden, any clumps will be broken up with the frosty weather and any bugs can be picked up by the birds. After a short period of time you could cover this soil with black plastic sheeting or a good layer of mulch to protect it from losing any of its goodness.