Plant and Garden Care: March

Not that there hasn’t been much to do, I am sure you have found plenty to keep you busy but……………it’s just about to get really exciting and I am sure you can’t wait to get back into the garden.

Have a good look around, it is a good idea to have some sort of plan, of what you would like to change or add. Making a “To Do List” is a great idea, then coming to visit the Garden Centre you will maybe come across some ideas for those spaces that you want to fill, or those items that you need for those tasks that need done.

Now is the time to purchase your summer bulbs, in stock you will find plenty to choose form, dahlias, begonias, lilies etc.

Lift and divide any herbaceous plants that require it. If you have no room to spread them out why not plant a mix of them into containers, these can be moved about the garden to fill any dull parts throughout the year.

Any containers can be top dressed with some fresh compost, tidied up and fed. Weeding throughout the garden should be kept on top of as it will save a lot of work later on.

Pruning can be done on some of your deciduous shrubs such as Cornus (Dogwood), Buddleja, Hydrangea paniculata and Lavatera. Roses can also be pruned before the new foliage begins unfurling. Some of the more vigorous shrubs such as Eucalyptus gunnii can be pruned back hard if you want to keep it at a manageable size.

Nearer the end of the month is probably better for feeding as we will obviously still be getting cold snaps of weather, use Growmore or Blood Fish and Bone or an ericaceous feed where appropriate for your acid loving plants. If you intend to move or plant any evergreen shrubs or trees ensure that the weather is warm enough and keep them well watered.

Here’s to a fantastic year in the garden!