Plant and Garden Care: July


Keep the lawn cut at this time of year by making it a regular task. It is much easier to do if you can keep on top of it. If you didn’t give your lawn a feed earlier in the year you can give it a summer feed now.Keep the edges trimmed and remember and rake of all the dead cuttings. If the weather is really hot then it is better not to cut too low.


Keep your baskets and containers going for longer by keeping them watered and fed. If you keep dead heading your summer bedding it will continue to produce flowers for weeks to come. Some plants will benefit from being trimmed back by a third for eg. Nemesia, pansies and violas, this will encourage a bushier tidier plant and give you more flowers too.


Try to keep on top of any blackfly, greenfly etc. These little pests can do a lot of damage if left to their own devices.


If you have any hedging then remember and keep it trimmed. Any topiary can get trimmed at this time too. After any trimming give the plants a good water and a feed.