Plant and Garden Care: February

This month we will hopefully be seeing the onset of Spring. There are bulbs coming up in the garden, just waiting to give us a burst of colour to cheer us all up.

Providing the ground is not frozen there is still time to maybe move deciduous shrubs in the garden. Maybe they would just look better in another part of the garden or it could be that you have found a more suitable place for them and the growing conditions that they prefer.

Until the frosts have definitely passed, keep tender plants protected and check on any covers or protective fleecing to ensure that it is still secure.

If snow has caused any damage then try your best to improve the situation. For example some hedging or maybe conifers can become misshapen with the weight of the snow and may need tied up or staked up until it can strengthen its stems. Check over your greenhouse and shed to see that there is no damage to anything inside caused by leaks or broken glass. If your greenhouse is heated you should always be keeping a check on this to ensure the health of your tender seedlings etc.

Some pruning can be done this month on your deciduous shrubs that are mid-summer flowering, for eg. Lavatera, Buddleja, Dogwood, Spiraea japonica etc. Take the flowering stems from last year and cut them back to within one or two buds from the older woody framework. Any weak spindly stems, damaged or broken stems can be taken out too. If the weather is a hindrance then don’t panic, this is a task for Spring and it is early yet.

Any winter flowering bedding that you have can be dead headed which will encourage more flowers. As the weather warms these plants will start to show their worth.

Remember too to come and get your summer flowering bulbs, we have a large selection in stock, now would be a good time to start planning where to put them.