Plant and Garden Care: December

The evergreen plants that you have will help to keep a bit of colour and variety in your garden but remember to keep some of these plants protected if they need it. Evergreen plants can be more susceptible, for example Laurus Nobilis/Bay and Pittosporum are examples of plants that can be damaged if it is too cold and wet or in an exposed area.

There are a variety of different ways to protect your plants, using gardening fleece round your plant or straw packed through it are probably most common.

Keeping hedges trimmed with a tapering shape at the top will help to prevent the weight of the snow causing any damage. If there has been lots of snow it is a good idea to try and shake it from branches of shrubs and trees to save them from becoming broken or damaged with the weight.

In the garden continue to look after your bird feeders and bird baths. Remembering to break or clear any ice on their water.

Any climbers that you have should be checked over that they are tied in and supported properly. Tree stakes should be checked to make sure they fit properly. We will no doubt have windy conditions over the winter and it is best to support your plants as best possible.

Enjoy the colourful display from any berries on your holly bushes before the birds start helping themselves. If you wish you could always cover the branches with netting to try and protect them but you have to be careful that the birds don’t get caught up in the net.

If it has not been done already then cover outside taps with insulation to protect them from freezing. Remember to switch off the water supply and drain the pipes!