Plant and Garden Care: August


There are some late flowering herbaceous that will need staked such as dahlias, also remember to keep dead heading. Some plants will be well over by now and you might want to consider collecting seed for next year.

It is a good idea to cut back any of your herbaceous plants that are now past their best, get rid of any of the spent stems and foliage on your compost heap.


If you have roses that have unfortunately, but a lot of the time probably, got black spot or rust, take care and try and collect all the affected leaves and burn them or put them in your waste bin.This will help to prevent them from being affected next year.

Keep an eye on your roses for suckers that will need to be removed from their base.


If any of your hedges or topiary are looking a bit shabby then these can be clipped now, follow this with a good watering and a feed.


In this hot weather it is sometimes a good idea not to cut your lawn too short, you wouldn’t want it to burn in the sun.A feed for your lawn would be good and keep it well watered this will help build it up for the winter time.


This is the month to get on top of vine weevil.Later this month and early next month it would be a good idea to apply products to try and get rid of the grubs that will be hatching.Plants that are especially susceptible are Rhododendrons and Camellias as the foliage of these are enjoyed by the adult beetle.Plants such as Heuchera, Primula and Strawberries are eaten at their roots by the grubs.Plants in containers are also very susceptible.