Plant and Garden Care: April


Keep the lawn neat and tidy by lowering the blades to a medium height, piercing with your garden fork will help aerate and try and rake off any debris and moss. Trim the edges too if they are a bit untidy.

Apply a good lawn feed, weed and moss killer.

New lawns can be planted now from seed or for a much quicker result you might decide to lay turf.


Now is a good time to be planting out some new plants. Try and ensure that the plant you choose is going into the right area and soil conditions that it will enjoy. This is half the battle and can only benefit the natural growth of the plant. Spiraea Arguta and Syringa Red Pixie are only a couple that look really good this month.

The weather does in part dictate as to when your herbaceous can be lifted and split. When doing this ensure to feed well the area where you intend to replant the pieces you have, water in well and it is a good idea to also mulch.

Keep an eye on any new hedging or fruit that you have planted recently to ensure that it does not dry out. Any established hedging could be given a light trimming and a good feed.

Keep a check on the greenhouse, anything you have sown already needs attention and now will be a good time to sow summer bedding. Dahlias, Gladioli and Begonia tubers can be planted now to start them off.

Keep dead heading any bedding, such as primroses and pansies, that you have, this will stop them from producing seeds and will encourage more flowers.

Any pruning that you have not managed to do yet could be done now before things really get going, roses for example will be easier to tidy now before too much growth gets in the way of taking out any weak or dead stems.

If you are fortunate enough to have a compost heap it will relish a turn now as the temperatures start to rise and it is getting more added to it.


Some bulbs will have gone over but these should not be cut down until the foliage has died off. This will ensure that the goodness goes back into the bulb for next year. The seed heads of daffodils can be nipped off, and if by chance you had hardly any flowers from them this year then they will benefit from being lifted and split. It would be a good time to feed the soil now too, all this will encourage flowering for the next growing season.