Some of you will still be keen to be growing things even though we are coming into Winter time soon. There are still plenty vegetables to grow.

Overwintering onion sets can be planted now and you can sow rocket, cauliflower, broccoli, spring onion and if you have spring cabbage already sown then you could plant them out now too. Best to keep these covered with fleece or netting to protect them from the ‘doos’. Pigeons can be a bit of a pest and love the cabbage leaves.

Sow green manures at this time which will cover any bare patches of ground that you may have, this will help to control weeds. When later dug into the ground they will add nutrients and will improve the condition of the soil.

Enjoy harvesting your top fruit such as apples and pears. A sure sign that they are ready to be picked are when some start to fall from the tree. If you think that some could do with a little longer then leave them on the tree, if they are ready they should be easy to harvest, almost coming away in your hand. Keep them stored by wrapping them in newspaper.

Asparagus leaves will turn brown and this will signal that it is time to cut it down, give plants a good mulch afterwards with some garden compost or some farmyard manure.

Any fruit and veg still to be harvested should still be kept well watered during any dry spells, even though we are into September some hot spells are still possible.