Grow Your Own: May

Tender vegetables such as tomato, cucumber and peppers can be planted on into grow bags or containers in the greenhouse. Keep an eye out for any pests that are on the go. Remember to keep the plants watered and fed. If there are any days that are really warm remember to open your greenhouse windows and maybe even apply shading.

There are many vegetable plants to choose from in the garden centre along with a large selection of herbs. We also have a large range of fruit available.

Keep an eye on your fruit trees for any powdery mildew or disease that may need your attention.

Strawberry plants would benefit from a layer of straw underneath them to help protect the future fruit. Feed them a high potash food once they start flowering and nip off any runners.

Now is the time to plant out your maincrop potatoes, remember and keep earthing up your crops.
Vegetables that like to be kept moist such as courgette and potatoes can be mulched with some of your grass cuttings as long as the grass has not been chemically treated, this will help hold in the moisture.

Some vegetables can be grown in pots and containers, keep them well watered and fed, even in the smallest garden you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of the hard work that you have put in. Salad Leaves, Peas, Beans and most herbs are just some ideas.

Remember that in May there is still the risk of some late frosts and your plants may need protected at night. Some fleece can be used for this and then later you can use it to protect against carrot fly.