Grow Your Own: March

At this lovely time of year we hope that the weather is about to change. Remember the saying “ In like a lion, out like a lamb” and vice versa. We will now see the beautiful displays of snowdrops and crocus and no doubt you have a few winter flowering shrubs that are looking good at this time, Viburnum, Sarcacocca and Hamamelis (With Hazel) to mention a few….but still be aware of cold and frost. Your vegetable seedlings will need to be looked after still and protected. Your greenhouse heater will hopefully still be working, maybe it’s an idea to give it a check. In stock we have our onion sets, shallots and potatoes which can all be planted. It will be a little while yet before we begin stocking our vegetable plants but in our Fruit sections we have lots to choose from.

We have new stock of Apple, Pear, Cherry, Plum and Gage trees coming in this month and it would be a good time to plant them in your garden with some lovely organic Farmyard Manure to help them settle in. There are a few different bits and pieces to choose from, such as Step-Overs (exactly how it sounds, very short growing), Cordons (growing more straight and upright) and Espalier( for growing against a wall) also why not try a Mulberry.Our Soft Fruit section has some lovely Blueberries, Raspberry Canes, Blackcurrants, Goosberries etc. Some more unusual pieces including Jostaberry, Gojiberry and Wineberry. In our hedging section we have some Prunus Spinosa Blackthorn, why not plant a few of these and then look forward to making your own Sloe gin!