Grow Your Own: June

Potatoes will need earthed up when required and maybe later this month you will be able to start harvesting some you planted earlier.

Plant out Cabbages, Broccoli and Brussels etc. but remember to keep an eye on the watering.

Keep any soft fruit covered with netting this will help keep the birds from borrowing your fruit!!

On your fruit trees it is a good idea to thin out the fruit which will then encourage larger fruits for harvesting.

You could also keep a continual supply of salad vegetables by having an ongoing sowing regime. Plant out new plants about every 2-3 weeks.

Bugs will be on the go and these can be kept under control by removing the initial infected leaves completely. Soap sprays and organic sprays from the garden centre can be used on fruit and vegetables. Take care to ensure that you choose the correct one.

Please enjoy browsing through our grow your own calendar. Hopefully you will pick up a few hints and tips that will help you!