Grow Your Own: February

This is when we can really start to get going with our crops. There is always plenty to be getting on with.

Potatoes can be chitted now. Use some old egg cartons to sit your potatoes in with the blunt end with most eyes facing upward. Put your egg cartons near natural light where they will be frost free. These should then start sprouting new shoots and when these shoots are approximately 0.5 - 1 inch long they are ready for planting, this will be nearer the end of March.

If you have an area outside where you have warmed the soil this can be used for planting seed for carrots, broad beans, parsnips and some hardy peas. If you haven’t had time to warm any soil this can be done by covering an area with some black polythene or a cloche.

There are some lovely ornamental cloches for covering your rhubarb but an ordinary old bucket will do. This will encourage early, long tender new stems which will be delicious.

If you have some gooseberry bushes they can be pruned at this time. Try and open up the framework to prevent congestion in the plant later.

Autumn fruiting raspberry stems can be cut back to soil level.