Grow Your Own: December

There isn’t quite so much to do now for this time of year. Trying your best to have everything clean and tidy for the onset of spring is a must. The more organised you are now the more benefit you will get when you start after the new year.

Having good mulch for your soil, whether leaf mould, farmyard manure or your own home made, put on now will give the worms a great Christmas. They can be working on it whilst you sit back and relax. Cover these areas with black polythene or sheets of cardboard and some chipped bark which can be worked into the soil later, this will help keep the weeds at bay when you come to use the area next year.

If you have rhubarb which is a bit large in size then you could lift it now and split it for sharing round the garden or maybe with a neighbour or friend, only if the ground is not frozen of course. Remember and use plenty of farmyard manure for planting.