Grow Your Own: April

Sow tomatoes in the greenhouse along with any other tender veg or herbs.

Outside where you may be lucky enough to have cloches or a polytunnel you could sow Leeks, Beetroot, Parsnips and Peas to name but a few.

Plant potatoes now if you are planting second earlies and by the end of the month you can plant main crop varieties. Remember and earth up to protect from late frosts.

In stock in our Canopy there is a large selection of Pack Vegetables, from Pak Choi to Turnips.

In our Sundries room with the last of our Starter Plug Plants you will find our tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. They will go out into the canopy soon as it warms up. These need protected from frost and most people will grow these on their windowsill or in a conservatory or greenhouse. Try to ensure that your vegetables are kept moist and when the first flowers come onto your plant it is time to start feeding.

There is a good selection of Fruit to choose from such as Blueberries, Gojiberries, Tayberries and Blackberries. If you are lucky enough there might still be the chance to get some pots of Raspberry Canes, a small hedge of raspberries for making jam, mmmmmmmmm.

Fruit trees can also be lovely to have in your garden. Apples, Cherries and Plums are only a few that we stock. Some bags of farmyard manure can be used to enrich your soil, and if planted in a good spot you will have fresh fruit to look forward to.