Jane’s March News

In the Spotlight: The Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is good for your health, it provides:

  • Happiness, wellbeing and improved mental health
  • Physical health benefits
  • Fitness, flexibility, muscle strength and tone
  • Weight loss
  • Home-grown fresh, tasty and healthy

Gardens are a great addition to your home:

  • A tranquil place to relax and unwind
  • An outdoor room for eating and entertaining
  • A safe place for children and pets to play

Gardens are good for the environment and for wildlife:

  • Pollinating insects, like bees, enjoy flowers that are rich in nectar and pollen and that are easy for them to access
  • Encourage birds by choosing a mixture of plants that provide cover, nesting sites and food all year round
  • Include water for birds to drink and to bathe in. A pond will encourage an even greater diversity of wildlife
  • Trees help to tackle climate change by capturing carbon during photosynthesis. Some can absorb air and water-borne pollutants and there are those that act as like sponges in areas troubled by excessive water.

Education for all ages:

  • Learn important life skills, such as planning, problem solving and creativity
  • Learn about nature and healthy living
  • Sows the seed for budding professional horticulturalists


  • Gardening brings neighbours and communities together
  • Gardening builds pride in your surroundings

Top Tips:

  • In a small space create a mini paradise by grouping potted plants of different heights together around a seat.

  • The gift of growing – encourage your loved ones by giving them a plant to nurture and enjoy.