Helping the Birds in Winter

Winter is the time of year when birds need our help the most. Here are some ways to be bird-friendly in winter:

  • Regularly clean, and refill feeders with a variety of food types.
  • Provide clean water for drinking and bathing – bird baths, bowls or even a saucer of water will do.
  • A bird house or bird box will provide shelter.
  • Provide calorie-rich berries by growing Guelder rose, Hawthorn, Holly, Honeysuckle and Ivy.
  • Leave seed heads on your plants over winter. Finches love the seeds from plants such as Agastache, Bergamot, Cornflowers, Dill, Lavender, Teasels and Verbena bonariensis. Sparrows enjoy the seeds of Pampas grass.
  • Create a garden which is full of bugs for the birds that feed on insects. Don’t be too tidy, piles of logs, leaves and twiggy debris provide food and habitats for many species of bugs, which in turn feed the birds.

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Remembrance Day

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Winter Wow: Skimmia

Skimmia look superb in pots growing alone or with other evergreen plants like trailing Ivy, Gaultheria or small ferns. They grow best in a shady spot in Ericaceous compost or Rose, Tree & Shrub compost.
Choose Skimmias carefully as male varieties have flowers and no berries, whereas the females produce both flowers and the glossy red berries, but only when there is a male nearby.

For a full explanation pick up a leaflet from our Plant Information Office or ask a member of our Plant Team for advice.

Winter Wow: Hellebores

Hellebores (Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose) are beautiful evergreen perennials with attractive architectural foliage and elegant bowl-shaped flowers in winter and early spring. They look stunning in containers or planted out in the garden borders. They thrive in a shady spot in well-drained soil. For pots use a multi-purpose compost.

Top tip

Cut old and tatty leaves off Hellebores to show off the blooms and to prevent the spread of disease.

Christmas is Coming!

Arriving at the end of November:

  • Superb Nordmann Fir and Fraser Fir cut Christmas trees – grown in Scotland, on The Black Isle and in Tayside.
  • Pot-grown trees – including Korean and Nordmann Fir, all in festive pots.
  • Pretty Poinsettias – traditional plants for Christmas with their bold and cheerful bracts in red, pink or white.
  • Wonderful Wreaths – elegant Holly and Fir wreaths.
  • Mistletoe sprigs.

- Jane Bingham