Hooray! Spring has arrived at long last and lots of fresh new stock has arrived in our Plant Area too. Come and choose from our vast array of beautiful plants. We have all your garden favourites, big or small and in between: trees, shrubs, roses, herbaceous perennials, alpines, fruit trees and of course our ‘Grow Your Own’ and ‘Collector’s Corner’ sections. Our gardens are waking up and it’s time to get busy.

• Starter Shrubs 1L pot £4.49 each/3 for £12
• Herbaceous perennials (Lupins, Oriental poppies, Foxgloves, Hollyhocks) 1L pot £4.49 each/3 for £12
• Pretty alpines 9cm pot £1.99 each/6 for £10 or 1L pot £3.99 each/3 for £10

Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-No-Mai’ is bursting into life now with its pretty pink buds opening into beautiful, white blossom on bare zig-zag branches. The pure white flowers are long-lasting and are followed by green, bronze-tinged, serrated leaves, which turn vivid orange-red in autumn.
It is a superb, dainty little tree ideal for a patio pot, or it can be grown as a small garden tree. Prices from £11.99 for a 3L pot.

Top Tips
• Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-No-Mai’ thrives in well-drained soil or compost in sun or part shade.
• If planting in a pot, make sure that it drains well.
• Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-No-Mai’ looks great in Japanese-style gardens.

Magnolias are much admired and prized for their stunning and spectacular flowers in spring.
Non-evergreen Magnolias
Most non-evergreen (deciduous) Magnolias flower in spring before the leaves appear. The flower buds are often as exquisite as the flowers themselves.
• Magnolia ‘Susan’ is one of the best Magnolias for our climate. It has lovely fragrant, deep magenta flowers.
• Magnolia x soulangeana (Saucer Magnolia) has huge flowers up to 10in/25cm across! It is another good choice for our area.
• Magnolia stellata is called the Star Magnolia due to its dazzling star-shaped flowers.
• Magnolia × loebneri covered in multi-petalled flowers is a real show-stopper.
• Magnolia ‘Heaven Scent’ has goblet-shaped, rosy pink flowers fading to pale pink with a magenta stripe.

Magnolia grandiflora (Bull bay) is the most popular of the evergreen Magnolias flowering in flushes from summer to early autumn and thrives best when grown against a warm sunny wall.

Choose a sheltered spot, with well-drained moist soil, that’s not in a frost pocket, and they will reward you with a breath-taking display of glorious flowers. Choose from our full collection of magnificent Magnolia varieties available now at The Mains of Drum.
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