Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants Team

Indoor Plants Team

Wendy MacDonald

Visit our Indoor Plant Area and browse through our ever changing seasonal display of flowering and foliage plants.

African violets can brighten a coffee table or kitchen window or maybe a Peace Lily to cleanse the air. Foliage plants like Ficus and Ferns are very beneficial to the air quality and also make for a relaxing atmosphere. Phalaenopsis Orchids are so easily cared for and available in many colours, they can make a lovely long lasting flowering gift.

We also stock a range of Houseplant and Orchid composts for repotting, drip feeders for easy feeding and quality ceramic plant pot covers in many colours and textures to compliment both your plant and room.

If you require any advice on choosing or repotting any houseplants please do not hesitate to ask one of our plant experts. We are always happy to help.